Camaieu unveils shock campaign against violence against women

Camaieu unveiled a campaign of shock to raise awareness of violence against women and publicize 3919, the national listening number for victims and witnesses. However, this initiative is criticized and the ready-to-wear brand is accused of feminism Wash.

“Camaieu is committed to the fight against violence against women. » That is the credo of the ready-to-wear brand, initiated by a shock campaign launched on its website on Wednesday 26 January. Between two product sheets we see women with bruised faces. Below the photo is an inscription: “1 in 10 women is a victim of violence”thereafter : “Victim or witness calls 3919”.

The aim of this campaign, carried out in collaboration with Solfa, an association that fights against violence against women: “to make known the listening platform 3919”, the brand states in a press release, passed on by BFM. “This toll-free and anonymous number is still too little known, especially among the public that needs it most, as female victims of domestic violence can be more socially isolated than others”explains Solfa on her website.

“Violent and inappropriate” content?

Problem: This campaign is not reaching consensus. The Lionesses, a feminist association that fights against moral, sexist and sexual violence in advertising and communication, denounces a campaign that ignores the fight against domestic violence.

“You maintain the abused woman cliché. Many women don’t complain when they’re pushed to the floor, held by the wrists for hours, locked in the toilet, or beaten in invisible places. Most Violence Against Women »writes the association on its Twitter account. “In addition, you provoke a ‘flash’ in the former victims that will make them relive their hell when they see these photos. But nobody wants to be bothered by that [Camaieu] it’s violent and inappropriateadds the associative structure before questioning the target of such a campaign:

“It is rather the men that you have to shock and hold to account, as well as the police and the institutions. @BUZZMAN_TIME instead of trying to make dirty moves to catch raunchy prices, educate yourself and advise your customers better. #shame

The Lionesses via Twitter

A t-shirt for 9.99 euros: feminism Wash ?

But the criticism doesn’t stop there. As part of his operation, Camaieu has put a t-shirt up for sale “in the colors of 3919”, sold for 9.99 euros. This time, the brand is then accused of feminism Washor to carry out a marketing campaign in favor of women to improve her image… but without changing the internal practices and in particular the production conditions (unknown to us) of these t-shirts which come at a ridiculous price are sold and manufactured in Bangladesh.

For his part, as reported BFM, assumes Camaieu. In a post on LinkedIn, the brand defends itself: “The images in question may have seemed disturbing to some of you, but we had to make them visible. We continue to believe that acting as a brand to raise awareness for 3919 is part of our duties and obligations. »

However, the controversy has merit to talk about this number, which unfortunately is still essential for the many victims of domestic violence and their loved ones.

3919, operated by the National Solidarity Women Federation, is a national listening number for female victims of violence and their families. It’s free and anonymous. If you or someone you know is concerned, you can call them 24/7.

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