Call for donations for Ukraine: beware, scams are on the rise

Unfortunately, the Ukrainian tragedy benefits certain crooks who do not hesitate to solicit donations via email from disbelieving internet users, posing as members of various humanitarian organizations. Be careful not to fall into the trap!

As calls for donations to help Ukrainians grow, France Verif, an intelligent shopping assistant that automatically detects fraudulent sites or even fake online reviews, is warning internet users about the many scams currently in vogue.

Scammers almost always work the same way. This comes in the form of an email calling for donations to help Ukrainians and then encouraging them to click on a link to a form in which they must provide their bank details. In general, everything in that email is misleading, starting with the sender address, which deceptively looks like a credible address.

In the context of this type of scam, France Verif recommends that you first compare the address used with that of humanitarian organizations so that it can be discovered on their respective websites. But the greatest precaution remains to go directly to the site of any of these organizations to make a donation and never answer or click on a link sent by a dubious correspondent.

Anyone wishing to make a donation to Ukraine can therefore do so via the official websites of the French Red Cross, UNICEF or the Fondation de France.

(ETX Daily Up)

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