Burger King UK launches two new Japanese-inspired vegan sandwiches

Following the relaunch of the Vegan Whopper in April 2021, Burger King is launching two new vegan sandwiches in the UK. The “Katsu Vegan Royale” and the “Katsu Plant-Based Chilli Whopper Double” have been added to the brand’s menu, as part of the new “Katsu” range. In Japan, Katsu refers to a range of breaded and fried meat preparations that inspired the new Burger King preparations.

The two vegan sandwiches are presented by the fast food chain as “the same taste” as their meat-based counterparts. The Katsu Vegan Royale is composed of a “chicken” vegetable patty, a katsu sauce, a salad of marinated cabbage, crispy onions and vegan mayonnaise. As for the Katsu Plant-Based Chilli Whopper, it is composed of two vegetable patties, a chili sauce, crispy onions, a marinated coleslaw, and a katsu curry sauce. Both burgers are sold at the same prices as their meat equivalents.

The new sandwiches will be available in the UK, on ​​the Burger King app or in any of the brand’s restaurants until September 2022. If the two vegan specialties are completely plant-based, the Katsu Plant-Based Chilli WHopper patties are cooked on the same grill as the meat.

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