Burger King opens a 100% vegan restaurant in London

Until April 10, no animal proteins are allowed to appear on the menu of the Burger King restaurant in Leicester Square, London. The chain’s iconic sandwich, the Whopper, and the children’s menu will be completely vegan. An experiment to test the expectations, but also the taste of the consumer in the field of alternatives to meat.

The entire British press is repeating this at the start of the week. It must be said that the initiative is intriguing. To mark the reopening, the Burger King restaurant, located on the very busy thoroughfare of Leicester Square, in London, will be playing the 100% plant-based card from March 14 to April 10, 2022. Objective: To gauge customer interest in vegan products to consider making them permanent or not. In total, almost 25 different vegan options are offered in this temporary vegan Burger King.

On the menu: bacon, cheese and vegan ice cream

The fast food chain plans to use plant-based alternatives from The Vegetarian Butcher brand to create its Whopper, its signature burger. As part of agri-food giant Unilever Food’s portfolio, the company is developing recipes based on soy, wheat and fortified with iron and vitamin B12 to replace ground beef of animal origin. For bacon, Burger King uses the vegan pork alternative from French food tech La Vie, whose success is partly due to several famous business angels, such as actress Nathalie Portman or BlaBlaCar founder Frédéric Mazzella.

All recipes on the Buger King menu, including the children’s menu and the nuggets, have therefore been adapted with vegetable ingredients. The menu also features novelties such as the range of Katsu burgers, inspired by Japanese culture for curry dishes. Also planned are new XL burgers made with vegan “bacon” and a faux mage made by the Greek company Violife. For dessert, Ben&Jerry’s Cookie Dough Flavored Ice Cream will contain no animal-derived dairy products. Since 2016, the famous American ice cream brand has delighted vegans with the plant-based approach to its recipes, made with almond milk and peanut butter.

Plant half the menu by 2030

By 2030, Burger King aims to make half of its menu with plant-based products, Katie Evans, marketing manager for Burger King restaurants in the UK, told the British press. This initiative would allow the brand not only to test customer receptivity to plant-based alternatives to their favorite burgers, but also to reduce the environmental impact of its restaurants.

However, this isn’t the first time Burger King has polled its followers to find out what their tastes are. As early as the summer of 2021, the fast food chain had attempted a similar experiment in Cologne, Germany.

(ETX Daily Up)

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