Brittany: at the age of 89 she hitchhiked 480 km with her grandson

This granny proves to everyone that you can be a great adventurer, even at the age of 89. And rightly so, Thérèse traveled through Brittany with her grandson… hitchhiking. Light up this wonderful family journey.

Rather than go on an adventure alone, Jules Riss, twenty-five years old and living in Metz, decided to invite his grandmother, originally from southwestern France, on his expedition. However, it was not a foregone conclusion, as this regular hitchhiker explains Lorraine Republican : “I wasn’t sure she would!”

Finally, after some hesitation, Thérèse agreed to accompany her grandson on the French roads. The starting gun was launched at the beginning of June, in Saint-Brevin-les-Pins, in the Loire-Atlantique. With backpacks on their backs and thumbs up, they covered 260 kilometers to reach Concarneau. In total, the grandson and his grandmother covered 480 kilometers in one weekend and crossed paths with about fifteen drivers. And the least we can say is that this powerful duo sparked the curiosity and admiration of motorists.

Sick experience with grandma Thérèse

Posted by Jules Riss on Thursday 28 July 2022

This little improvised weekend allowed Jules and his grandmother to admire the beautiful coastal landscapes and visit part of the region. Before taking part in this ambitious journey, Thérèse hesitated. But today her vision of hitchhiking has changed and she says she’s ready to start the adventure again next year with her grandson. Objective ? Reach the tip of Brittany next spring.

You might meet Jules and Thérèse on the French roads! Would you, like this amazing duo, be ready to hitchhike?

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