British chocolatier Hotel Chocolat unveils a 100% vegan range for Easter

Who says Easter, says egg hunt! For the occasion, British brand Hotel Chocolat has gone big this year: it has just unveiled its widest range of vegan Easter chocolates. Dubbed “Incredibly Vegan,” it includes a variety of 13 dark chocolate or plant-based milk chocolate products.

The “Ostrich Easter Egg” is certainly the star product of this collection. This extra large “ostrich egg” is made from nut milk and covered with crushed biscuits and cornflakes. It is sold with a selection of vegan truffles, pralines and caramels for £85 (about 100 euros). In total there is enough for a kilo of chocolate. In addition to this luxury product, the brand also offers other vegan eggs, including the “Extra Thick Egg” with an extra thick shell (£30 or 35 Euros) or the famous chocolate “Hard Boiled Eggs” (£15 or 18 Euros).

In addition to eggs, this special “Easter” vegan range also includes chocolate candies in the form of rabbits, pralines or even “chocolate drops”. All products are available for purchase on the website of premium chocolate brand Hotel Chocolat and in stores across the UK.

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