Black Sheep Foods raises $5.25 million to market its plant-based ‘lamb’

The American start-up Black Sheep Foods has raised $5.25 million to market its plant-based alternatives to game meat. Based in San Francisco, this start-up has made a name for itself in the United States by developing the first vegan alternative to lamb. The flagship product was launched last fall exclusively at Souvla, a popular chain of Greek restaurants in the San Francisco Bay Area. Black Sheep claims to have used analytical chemistry to arrive at a convincing result. For example, the company has analyzed and identified the main aromatic compounds in meat of animal origin, as well as the structures of vegetable proteins. His “lamb” was a real success and is now offered in other California restaurants.

Black Sheep is currently focusing on the development of new vegan products inspired by purebred meat and game. “We are encouraged by the momentum the plant movement is currently enjoying, as evidenced by the support from a wide range of investors and restaurants”said Sunny Kumar, co-founder of Black Sheep, quoted by vegetarian.

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