‘Being in the closet is too difficult’: Russian tennis star Daria Kasatkina comes out

The twelfth player in the world and the first from her country, Russia, has come out as Russian lawmakers work on a new law that will further curtail gay and lesbian freedoms in Russia.

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On the question: “Do you have a girlfriend?”, the No. 1 tennis player in Russia, Daria Kasatkina, answers simply in the affirmative and therefore confirms to the general public her sexual orientation. Daria Kasatkina is a lesbian, she is in a relationship with a woman and she no longer wants to hide it, she says in a video shot in Spain with Russian Youtuber Vitia Kravtchenko, according to information from AFP, passed on by various media whose the Parisian.

Twelfth player in the world, Daria Kasatkina, 25, also denounces the clichés surrounding homosexuality. “The idea of ​​someone wanting to be gay or becoming gay is ridiculous. I think there is nothing simpler in the world than being heterosexual. If there was a choice, no one would choose to be gay. Why complicate your life, especially in Russia?”

As AFP reminds us, gays or lesbians in Russia face a lot of stigma, discrimination and even violence, including murder. Since Monday, July 18, Russian MPs have been working on a bill to ban the dissemination of information “about non-traditional sexual relations” for all types of audience. This law aims to extend the law that has banned such images since 2013 to include minors.

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The player is pessimistic about the future of her country. “Given what’s happening now, it’s never going to get better. [de se tenir par la main dans un lieu public en Russie, nldr.]”believes Daria Kasatkina, while affirming that, for her, “life in the closet” not sustainable in the long term. “It is too difficult.”

After the video was posted, the player and her partner, Russian-Estonian figure skater Natalia Zabiiako, both posted a photo of themselves on their respective Instagram accounts.

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