Be careful, on TikTok you can get sick of a trick to keep your lawyers longer

We can no longer count the number of cooking tips and advice, supposedly magical, that Tik Tok is said to have discovered. This time it’s all about keeping lawyers on hold longer… Except the technique praised by social network users can make you sick!

There was a promotion on avocados, but you don’t plan on cooking them right away. So you might be tempted to follow the advice that is all the rage on Tik Tok right now. The advice is simple: you put the avocados in a carafe. You fill with fresh water and store in the fridge. This trick presented as magic by the members of the social network allows you to keep the avocados for up to a month, according to the words of the authors of these videos that generate several million views…

What they don’t tell you – or rather what they don’t know – is that your fruit can make you sick if you store it this way. At a time when everyone is thinking about the recall of food items contaminated with salmonella, such as Kinder eggs, the reason for not following this new trend is not likely to fly signed Tik Tok: According to the FDA, the US Food and Drug Administration, possible bacteria on the skin of avocados can multiply in the water† According to a spokesperson who spoke with news weekListeria monocytogenes has the ability to infiltrate the pulp itself within 14 days.

Always wash the skin of avocados

In a report published in 2018, US health authorities had already identified the presence of this bacterium, which can lead to fever, vomiting and digestive disorders† Of a sample of 1,615 avocados, 17% contained this pathogenic microbe. therefore always wash the skin of avocados before preparing them

(ETX Daily Up)

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