Barbecue: 9 Foods That Are Perfect For Vegetarian Grilling

After the raclette season comes the barbecue season. And if many imagine it’s impossible to enjoy if you’ve adopted a vegan lifestyle or a vegetarian diet, here’s a list of ready-to-eat foods that should set the record straight. Because not only meat likes to be grilled…

What we like about the barbecue is simplicity, so for a classic barbecue, we opt for very simple recipes to accompany a salad of raw vegetables to fill up the freshness.


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Whether you buy it commercially or make it yourself, seitan is the star of the vegan barbecue. On skewers, steak or spare ribs, this alternative to meat made from wheat or spelled gluten has nothing to envy to animal proteins. Well marinated, seitan can be eaten on its own, accompanied by grilled vegetables or as a burger with chips or chips.


On skewers, tofu is a favorite barbecue ingredient. This is a chance to make a marinade to your taste to make it the king of grilling. You can opt for an Asian version by mixing soy sauce, nuoc-mâm and sesame oil or oriental with garlic, harissa, honey and soy sauce. Let the tofu slices marinate for at least an hour, then pierce them with a wooden skewer and sear them on the barbecue.

vegetable sausage

If the vegetable sausages are eaten cooked in the pan all year round, all their flavors will be released on the wood fire when the weather is nice. It’s up to you to choose the kind you like for a 100% plant-based barbecue.


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This is an idea that will shake vegetarians. With its amazing texture, Cypriot cheese made from goat’s and sheep’s milk lends itself particularly well to grilling. The sliced ​​halloumi can be grilled or marinated with spices, honey or herbs without artifice on the embers or on the plancha.


When it comes to vegetables, eggplant is the queen of the barbecue. Cut into slices or strips, it only needs a drizzle of olive oil to release all its flavors. For lovers of Japanese flavors, cut the aubergine in half lengthwise and score the flesh with a sharp knife. Cover the white part with a mixture of miso, soy and honey and sear on the barbecue. The full recipe can be found on Chloé and you’s blog.


The zucchini doesn’t need much to find a spot on the grill. Cut them into -inch strips, square the pulpit and brush with a mixture of olive oil, crushed garlic, sage and salt. You can add paprika or turmeric for color.


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Same treatment for peppers. You don’t have to look far to be able to place them at your table this summer. Grilled in olive oil, they reveal their full potential. And if you feel like mixing up all these lovely summer vegetables, why not make skewers by dicing the aubergine, courgette and bell pepper. Add a few pieces of red onion and cherry tomatoes for their sweet taste. It’s up to you to choose the marinade you like!

Watermelon and melon

And for an original dessert, why not try watermelon or stewed melon?

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