Aude: hunters are no longer allowed to hunt pigeons this season

End blow to the hunters of the Aude. Indeed, the Administrative Court of Montpellier has taken the decision to cancel a prefectural decree that put the pigeon (or wood pigeon) under the “species that can cause harm”as reported the shipment

The hunt was allowed until the end of March instead of stopping in February. However, with this ruling from the administrative court, the hunters will have to put away their weapons. Objective: to allow wood pigeons to use the migration corridors without any risk.

This is a victory for the environmental protection association One-Voice: “We are very happy with this suspension, it will allow hundreds of wood pigeons to fly in peace”.

“A half-hearted victory, but still a victory for these pigeons. †

Muriel Arnal, president and founder of the association.

This decision is excellent news for bird conservation.

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