At the checkout of a supermarket in Angoulême, a customer pays for the groceries of a pensioner standing in red

A message of hope at the heart of an increasingly individualistic society: In this Intermarché d’Angoulême, a woman has paid the bill for a pensioner who has been exposed. The scene moved both the supermarket customers and the old man, who began to cry.

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The scene took place on Friday, April 22. Arriving at the cash register, a customer of the Intermarché d’Angoulême sees that the platform refuses to pay by check. “The cashier then offered to keep my purchases until I returned with my bank card, he wrote in an email sent to the Charente Libre. I sheepishly confessed to him that it wouldn’t go through, because my account was in debt…’† Visibly embarrassed, the man then offers to return the products: milk, some preserves and treats for his dog.

On arrival, a customer offers to pay the bill of 32 euros with her own bank card. Gratefully, the old man asks her for her address to reimburse her. † She said to me: gift, it’s Christmas “. A Christmas present at Easter that moves the retiree: he begins to cry.

“Reciprocal tears. So much so that the cashier told us, stop, you’re going to make us all cry.”

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Still astonished at this unexpected gift, the man sent a daily email to the ward during the day. He wanted to thank his generous donor: proof, according to him, that there are still people in this world who have their hearts in their hands.

A scene of mutual aid that people started talking about: a smile that spreads like wildfire in everyday banality.

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