Artificial intelligence to help with energy renovation coming soon

The Banque des Territoires announced on Wednesday, February 16, the creation, in the spring, of an artificial intelligence service to help communities determine which buildings are most in need of energy renovation.

The service, called Prioréno, which will be available online from the second quarter of 2022, works with energy consumption data from “almost all 500,000 public buildings in France”provided by the electricity grid operators Enedis and gas GRDF, partners of the initiative.

An algorithm is responsible for analyzing this data, as well as other data provided by the State, such as land records or topographic databases. Local authorities will thus be able to know the consumption of their buildings and which ones need to be renovated as a matter of priority in order to achieve the most energy savings.

They will also be able to filter buildings based on their use, for example to target only schools, or to determine their photovoltaic potential. The system has already been tested by about 60 communities.

“Prioréno is a real opportunity for local authorities, especially in rural areas where territorial engineering is naturally less developed”, explains the Secretary of State for Rural Affairs Joël Giraud, quoted in the press release. The tools “will accelerate energy renovation of community buildings”hopes the Minister of Housing, Emmanuelle Wargon.

The service could be expanded to other applications, the press release specifies, such as social housing, or be open to other energy distribution grid operators.


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