Are you looking for a natural method of weeding? Use the cooking water.

While many “weeds” are valuable to the garden, they are not always aesthetically pleasing. This is why we often tend to tear them off or eliminate with chemicals. A solution that is too radical and unfortunately not environmentally friendly. So for natural weed control, use this simple, effective and economical method.

Boiling water, a natural weed killer

Have you just cooked potatoes, rice or pasta and are about to throw the cooking water down the sink? Stop everything, this water can come in handy in the garden. You can indeed use it to weed the driveway of your house because it is often in the middle of the gravel, even the bitumen, that the “weeds” appear. This is especially the case for certain plants that are not popular with gardeners, such as horsetail, quack grass or wood sorrel.

To make this technique even more effective, it is better not to wait for the cooking water to cool. Once your food is cooked, pour hot water (over 70°C) directly on the “weeds”, as it is the thermal shock that will wipe them out. Do not hesitate to repeat the operation if necessary.

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Only on “weeds”

But beware of certain beliefs that glorify the merits of this water on plants. Rich in starch and often loaded with salt, the water used to cook potatoes, rice or pasta can burn the roots of your plants. Yes, it is not for nothing that the “weeds” can not stand it. So be careful if beautiful plants bloom along your driveway, you risk damaging them.

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