Aqua Cultured Foods launches 100% vegetable ‘squid’ fries

The start-up Aqua Cultured Foods has just unveiled its first official product: “squid” fries. But the latter have a peculiarity, and not the least: they are designed without the slightest ingredient of animal origin. The start-up specializes in developing alternatives to seafood and has indeed developed this product through the fermentation of mycoproteins (mushroom proteins). An innovative technological process that makes it possible to obtain food with a taste and texture particularly close to that of squid, according to the brand.

To perfect the baked sticks, the start-up called on chef and restaurateur Johnny Carino. In particular, this has contributed to the refinement of the texture of the product: “When you bite into it, you immediately get a hint of crunch that combines with the realistic, slightly chewy texture of the squid”, Carino said in a statement. These “squid” fries are made non-GMO and are also high in fiber and protein and low in calories and sodium.

Aqua Cultured Foods has announced that this first commercial product will be available from its strategic partners later this year.

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