Aphids, mildew, fertilizer: why is nettle fertilizer the ally of your tomatoes?

A true beauty and health ally, nettle, and especially nettle manure, also works wonders in the garden. In addition, if you grow your own tomatoes, know that this mixture can help you very well…

How to make nettle fertilizer?

Don’t worry, the nettle fertilizer recipe is quick and easy. All you have to do is mix 1 kg of finely chopped nettle with 10 liters of rainwater in a bucket. Then put the mixture in the shade for about ten days, stirring every two days (the bubbles should be completely gone). Here you only have to filter everything to keep only the juice. Easy, isn’t it? The only drawback – the unpleasant smell of this vegetable mixture.

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How to use nettle fertilizer on tomatoes?

A natural and formidable insecticide

Aphids and other unwanted mites have settled on your tomatoes? To get rid of it, nothing better than nettle manure. To do this, spray the mixture above and below the leaves, avoiding touching the fruit. And to increase your chances of success, here are our tips for welcoming the ladybug into the vegetable garden, a precious ally in the vegetable garden.

An effective remedy for mildew

It’s the fear of all gardeners: seeing their tomatoes infested with powdery mildew (and other fungal diseases). To prevent this dreaded invasion, treat your tomato plants with nettle fertilizer. Simply spray the mixture on all the foliage as above and repeat if necessary.

homemade fertilizer

Nettle fertilizer is also excellent for stimulating the growth of your tomatoes and other plants. And it is not without reason that this homemade fertilizer is rich in nitrogen, which promotes the proper development of tomato plants. To do this, spray the mixture every three weeks, from mid-June to the end of July.

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