And no one cares: the team reveals the bottom of the success and upcoming projects

After five years of success and eighty episodes on the clock, And nobody cares bends out. This web series, which has been airing on YouTube since 2017, in which humor and philosophy are mixed, shows a man who shares his opinion about society and current events.But don’t worry, It’s just a goodbye. Today the team has new ambitions and in particular the desire to go from the small to the big screen. Fabrice de Boni, Marc de Boni and Axel Lattuada, the trio of authors, reveal the underside of their success and their future projects. meeting.

“We are making time to start the feature film version and set up the channel’s next series or series.”

Axel Lattuada, Fabrice de Boni and Marc de Boni

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Why is ETLMSF deflecting today?

Axel / Fabrice / Marc “So the good news is that this is NOT the end of ETLMSF, it’s just the end of that format. We make time to start the feature film version and set up the next series or series of the channel. From the start of the YouTube adventure, we knew it was coming to an end. First of all because of the quality: we knew that the success of a project like this can quickly lead to exhaustion. Then ETLMSF is a series that tries to encourage introspective reflection and self-criticism, so our character eventually had to evolve too to be consistent with what he preaches! From this point on, the story would end. So we quickly established thatwe would do a maximum of three or four seasons not to do too much.

And then ETLMSF is also a microfiction that tells the story of an embittered youtuber. Throughout the episodes, we’ve followed his evolution, his relationship problems, his difficulty in questioning himself, and his tendency to look down on others. By creating this character, we already knew the main points of his evolution, which allowed us to adapt the themes of the episodes according to the stages of his journey. Faced with his permanent anger that indicates a lack of self-love and especially a lack of faith, the theme of the meaning of life was supposed to be the end of the series

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Launched in 2017, ETLMSF has captured a wide audience with its humor, its relevance and its philosophy on current topics. How do you explain this success?

axel : One of the answers we have found to explain this success is that we have built this project with sincerity and above all without prejudice. We must remember that we knew very little about YouTube before arriving. We just started thinking about who we were and what we had in our hands. That is, we first thought of having fun and just doing it. We also surrounded ourselves with people we loved and trusted, always leaving room for them in the creation. ETLMSF is above all the success of collective intelligencethe genius of its technicians, its composers and all those people who have joined us over time.

“A character who allows himself what we forbid, it necessarily attracts attention”

fabrice by Boni

fabrice It is true that this success is the result of a team that has always tried to work with kindness, inclusion and humor. And there is also the character of Lexa with the acting talent of Axel† Criticizing, condescending, talking to you with your mouth full, whispering what you think… In short, behaviors that you rarely allow yourself in everyday life. And a character who allows himself what we forbid, that necessarily attracts attention. Either we hate and we judge, or we love and we think it’s a cult, but either way we don’t care!

Marking We also think that the series has been able to invite itself into the habits of many people. Testimonials show that our videos are often used to support debate between teens and parents, between friends, within the couple, or sometimes even during therapy sessions! We approach without taboo a number of topics that are not easy to get on the table, in a concise format that avoids hours of discussion to get to the point. Finally, we believe that we have taken advantage of a favorable moment in terms of debates about gender inequality and the environment, and that our series has been a gateway to these topics for many people.

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“The director in me is even more excited about making the feature.”

Fabrice de Bonic

Did certain episodes mark the team more?

axelThe last episode, because it allowed us to get a little closer to our basic goal, the feature film. Getting Lexa out of her tent to confront him with the world, we have a glimpse of the potential of a longer format and more focused on fiction. This episode also gives us an idea of ​​the balance that needs to be kept between the story being told and its educational significance.

Marking Preparing for each of the episodes was a very exciting personal journey for me: many episodes hit me. If I had to pick one, I’d pick it up incest, one of the hardest to bear in the public square† I really felt like we were using our platform to do useful work. We returned to the essence of the series, which is to bring realities to the public square that no one cares about, but whose impact on society is profound. The feedback was quite strong and intense, even if the subject was really not pleasant to deal with.

fabriceIn connection with my second job as a coach specializing in applied neuroscience, I have a very special affection for every episode that has to do with personal development. From the third episode on emotions, the series covers this topic every other episode. The thousands of acknowledgments and testimonials we have received in five years about the positive impact they have on people’s lives are a real treat. But if I have to be honest, the director in me is even more excited about making the feature film † So I agree with Axel in his response to the last episode: We all learned that day that we could do it.

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“We really want to adapt our content to cinematic language, just like we did in the last episode.”

Axel Lattuada, Fabrice de Boni and Marc de Boni

You are currently working on a feature film, new series and a show. Can you tell us more about these upcoming projects?

Axel / Fabrice / Marc : We are in a period where many chapters close and many more open† The series is over and the final appearances of the show are approaching. The project we want and need to put the most energy into is now the feature film. But as always in this environment, nothing is certain.

For now we are looking for funding and therefore the support of the public is more than ever essential so that the financiers have confidence in the success of our film (PS: if a patron or a distributor reads these rules, do not hesitate to contact Mia productions to be taken). Like every time we wanted to explore new artistic mediums to reject the values ​​of the series (we also went through the book, the stage and the game), ETLSMF in feature film adapts the values ​​and humor of the series, but with a language adapted to the new distribution channel. So don’t expect a classic episode of more than two hours. It wouldn’t work! Rather, we really want to work on adapting our content to cinematic language, kind of like we did in the last episode.

We also learned recently that we have the opportunity to write a second show, which is very exciting for us, and especially Axel because the discovery of the stage was a revelation for him. Of course these projects take time, that’s why we want to continue in parallel to make the YouTube channel live† We have several new short formats in mind for the web, and three pilots have already been created. Thanks to France Mediation, we have also managed to gain a foothold in National Education. Since last year there has been a competition between all colleges in France to have students write an episode of ETLMSF, which we then produce with them. What is certain is that we are not yet ready to give a damn!

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In anticipation of the rest of the adventures, it only remains for us to wish the whole team the best of luck! Of course, the 80 episodes of Who cares are still available on YouTube. To (re)discover them, it is here.

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