Alessandra Sublet receives hate messages about her wrinkles: she reacts to them in the best way

The former host of TF1 is no exception to this universal rule: time passes and she ages. What disappoints some of it? followers on social networks that shower him with hateful comments about his wrinkles. On the occasion of his last film, handyangso she posted a video of her natural face, with no filter or makeup.

“My wrinkles are the reflection of my life and I have learned to love them”

On her Instagram page, Alessandra Sublet is the victim of derogatory comments about her age and her wrinkles. However, the former host of TF1 persists and draws: there is no need to be ashamed of aging. Under one of her posts, she replied that her wrinkles ” the reflection of a life » and that she learned « love them

It is still in her career choices that she affirms her values. For the shooting of the film handyang in which she plays the mother of a young handicapped boy, Alessandra Sublet sets her conditions: appear on the screen as naturally as possible.

“In addition, I asked to be filmed while staying natural. Makeup and hairdressing have always been a nightmare! I’m glad people actually see me. †

Alessandra Sublet for TV star

A natural face

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Last night, on the occasion of the release of the film handyang, the former TV host filmed herself to thank the people who worked on the film. The ability to reveal your face naturally, without filters or makeup. A nice sneer at those who thought they were right about her by criticizing the signs of aging on her face.

We all have in common that one day we will grow old, why hide the face?

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