Airbnb announces to its employees that they can work remotely indefinitely if they wish

To be in the office or not? This is the question Airbnb employees will be able to ask themselves throughout their careers at the famous company that specializes in short-term rental properties.

Indeed, on Thursday, April 27, the American company informed its employees and associate that they and they can now work remotely at any time and move anywhere in the country where they are currently working, CNN reports. With what consequences? No salary, Airbnb insured.

The company cannot take international relocations into account for the time being, given the current health situation, but invites its employees to contact their manager with a view to a possible relocation. Some positions require presence in Airbnb offices or a specific location. But this concerns only a small minority of people, especially those with responsibilities.

With this announcement, Airbnb hopes to be able to “hire and retain the best people in the world”, said Brian Cheski, the company’s co-founder and CEO, rather than just those who revolve around the company’s offices. She also wants to encourage her employees to embrace the Aibrnb lifestyle: being able to travel more or less for a long time in other countries and work at the same time.

“From September, you can live and work in more than 170 countries at any location for up to 90 days a year”he writes again. †Everyone always needs a permanent address for tax and salary purposes, but we are happy to offer you that flexibility. Most companies don’t do that due to the sheer complexity of taxes, payroll and time zone availability, but hopefully we can provide a solution so other companies can offer that flexibility too. †

With this initiative, Airbnb wants to propagate its vision of work and let its employees live according to their wishes. It remains to be seen whether this ambition can work on a global scale.

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