Adèle Haenel walks away from the cinema because there is “no hope” for women

After three years of absence, Adèle Haenel comes out of the silence. French actress Caesarized for her role in the fighters chose to move away from the cinema to defend a cause he holds dear: the fight against sexism.

In 2019, Adèle Haenel filed a complaint for contact with Christophe Ruggia. A year later, the director was subsequently charged with “assault of a 15-year-old minor”. A difficult and painful fight for the actress, especially since in 2021 the suspect received the cancellation of his arrest and his police custody.

As a result of this affair, which caused a lot of commotion, Adèle Haenel decided to distance herself from the 7th art. In an interview with the Italian political newspaper Il Manifestoshe explains that she doesn’t want to work anymore “with established directors, but only with debuting new artists.” The reason ? For her, filmmakers in power strategically use women to hide this oppressive system.

“In the film industry as it is now, there is no hope, we see it in women. Established directors say they are fighting sexism, but in reality nothing has changed. […] Those in power continue to oppress us. We always reward rapists and they want me to shut up? That will never happen.”

Adele Haenel

Photo: Denis Makarenko/Shutterstock

From now on, the 33-year-old actress wants to put her career on hold to dedicate herself to listening to and helping victims of sexual violence. An important reason for this woman who in 2019 became the symbol of a new impetus for the MeToo movement in France.

A necessary voice and exemplary dedication.

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