According to this study, gender inequality would cost society $118 billion

The numbers indicate the spin. According to data collected by Lucile Peytavin and Ginevra Bersani, two researchers from the Genre et Statistiques association, gender inequality isManes would cost society between 102 and 118 billion euros.

‘Talking figures to weigh in the debate’

The study unveiled by the Women’s Foundation on France Inter takes into account domestic violence, inequalities in the world of work, but also dangerous male behavior in the calculation. A meticulous compilation of data that provides a global picture of the impact of patriarchy in our societies.

Inequality is mainly measured in broken, marginalized or ignored lives. But since we obviously have to talk about numbers to weigh in the debate, we decided to calculate the cost of inequalities between women and men.“, explains Anne-Cécile Mailfert of the Women’s Foundation on the antenna of France Inter

As a result, according to a study by the International Labor Organization, the price of inequalities on the professional side is close to 22 billion euros. Between inequalities in salary and access to key positions, it is the amount” the creation of wealth that society deprives itself”marked France Inter“If we were to close the gap between women’s and men’s employment rates, we would save this absolutely colossal amount”says historian Lucile Paytavin.

Unsurprisingly, domestic violence also has a price for society. Between the medical costs of caring for the victims, the use of social assistance to free themselves from dangerous situations and the impact on children, experts estimate the damage at 3.6 billion euros.

Dangerous Male Behavior

But the researchers don’t stop there, pointing the finger at potentially dangerous male behavior whose cost is proving staggering: $89 billion. Their estimates are based on the fact that men are strongly overrepresented in, for example, murder, rape, delinquency or road safety. In any case, these are “anti social behaviour” involve spending on justice and law enforcement, but also on health.

Finally, the researchers sought to quantify the additional cost of living for women from a more individual point of view. “On average 140 euros per year for contraception, 103 euros for underwear, up to 900 euros for beauty products (compared to five euros for men), 392 euros for hair removal, 52 euros for hairdressers. The deficit at the time of retirement is 9,348 euros. Profit on food: 20 euros per year. †

With this quantified and objective approach to the issue of gender inequality, the two researchers hope to raise awareness among the general public and decision-makers.

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