A student launches a tableware collection for the visually impaired

It was enough to think about helping the blind or partially sighted to identify the contents of their plate without directly touching the food: dotted lines for meat, lines for starchy dishes, small dots for vegetables… A student and design has imagined a collection of crockery and tangible table linen, so that meals are no longer stressful moments.

She’s elegant. She is tactile. And it is useful for everyone! Her name ? tact. A nice play on words that recalls the origins of this tableware collection: helping blind or partially sighted gourmets determine where their food is on the plate. Made of china, plates, dishes, dishes and salad bowls have contemporary contours in line with the type of tableware that gourmet restaurants use today. Visually impaired or not, everyone can sit at the table indiscriminately and turn sharing a meal into a real moment of conviviality. A challenge as those involved have had to be content with the use of signs with stigmatizing and infantilizing compartments until now.

The ingenious idea is signed Pauline Androlus. Inspired by her grandmother who suffered from AMD (age-related macular degeneration), this collection, which the young designer developed for her graduation project, is a model of inclusion. Because the reliefs that we see on the plates do not correspond to Braille at all. Contrary to popular belief, not all visually impaired people know how to decipher this writing system. For example, the artist has opted for prints with a different feel, so that everyone can use them however they want. And the concept has moved on to the tablecloth on which embroidery with more or less thick stitching invites you to easily see where a glass, a piece of bread or a bowl is. No more spilled glass or sauce on the tablecloth…

From concept to reality

The initiative came about under the impulse of Maison Fragile, a specialist in tableware made from Limoges porcelain. Awarded the Living Heritage Company label for its heritage of a long tradition in the art of ceramic tableware making, the Pillivuyt house took care of the modeling of all the pieces of the Tact collection. The table linen is signed by Garnier-Thiebaut.

You can pre-order the various elements of this inclusive dinnerware through the crowdfunding campaign launched on Kickstarter. By offering this beautiful design collection, we also enable an association to provide a visually impaired person for free.

At the head of the Parisian restaurant Pouliche, chef Amandine Chaignot, who has decided to let her customers test this inclusive crockery, also supports the project and offers to book a dinner for two so that two complete boxes can be given to a blind or partially sighted person. person. †

(ETX Daily Up)

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