A QR code to know everything about a piece of clothing: Maje and Sandro want to get started

Questioning the practices of the textile industry, many brands want to assure their customers of the origin of the products they offer them. The ready-to-wear group SMCP (Sandro, Maje, Claudie Pierlot, De Fursac) has announced that it will put a QR code on all of its clothing so that anyone who scans it knows everything about the associated product, reports Le Figaro† The measure is expected to be introduced in 2025.

Among the information provided, customers will be able to find out the country of origin of each material, the number of kilometers traveled between the place of manufacture and the place of sale, as well as where the garment is stored. “From this season, a first test will take place with more than 40 references traced by brand”specifies the group in a press release.

This traceability and this transparency is made possible thanks to the good will of the suppliers, who will have to fill in data on behalf of SMCP, which collaborates with the start-up Fairly Made. It is her “Who is responsible for collecting information from all involved suppliers at all stages of the SMCP group branded production chain, processing this information and calculating a traceability assessment »specifies the press release. “Our suppliers sign a charter of good behavior and we monitor them regularly”explained Isabelle Guichot, Managing Director of SMCP to the Figaro

This initiative is not new in the textile industry. Etam, the lingerie brand, offered its customers to try the experience from September 2020.

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