A horticulturist loses everything in a fire, his customers come to his aid and collect € 45,000

For 33 years, Marc Macsetti has been selling his vegetables in the Place Monge and Port Royal markets in the 5th arrondissement of Paris. On his farm in Marcoussis, in Essonne, he produces fruit and vegetables without any chemical additives. An ecological approach that has seduced its customers for three decades. And it is undoubtedly this dedication that gave him this great outpouring of solidarity when, on the night of May 14-15, 2022, a fire destroyed his shed that housed all his equipment. To help him get back on his feet and continue his activity, Patrick Torre, a loyal customer turned friend, has created a cat. In just two weeks, it raised almost 45,000 euros, and that’s still counting.

Photo: Leetchi Kitty

Equipment gone up in smoke

“On Marco’s stall there are fruits and vegetables that do not have the same taste as what you find in the shops”, explains to POSITIVR Patrick Torre, Major of the Republican Guard of the Monge Barracks. It is this taste for good work and his goodness that have made him a figure in the neighborhood and aroused so much togetherness, the customer and friend of the horticulturist is sure of that.

“His truck loaded the day before is nothing more than a pile of ashes, his tractors, his plows, his cold store, his stock, his plants, his crates… have gone up in smoke”, he explains on the cat page. The fire that destroyed the hangar wiped out everything in its path, leaving Marc Macsetti 19 acres with no equipment or storage space.

Pending the release of the insurance money, a way had to be found to allow him to continue his activities. A friend lent him a van to keep going to the markets, and Patrick Torre launched a Leetchi cat 48 hours after his friend warned him about the tragedy.

Photo: Leetchi Kitty

“At the beginning I imagined that we would raise 3,000 euros, the equivalent of a deposit to pay for a new sower”, he explains. The kitty link is first sent to family and friends, but word of mouth soon ignites the counter. “Everyone participates to the best of their ability. We had contributions between 5 euros and 1,000 euros! We didn’t expect that…”

“It gives him energy to bounce back”

The cat is now shared outside the circle of Marco’s clients. “The militant association ‘Another Agriculture’ broadcast it on its networks, which undoubtedly made it possible to reach new people attached to working the land without chemical products”says Patrick Torre.

“It gives him energy to bounce back. Moreover, it is not so much the figure that touches him, it can be seen that all his customers have mobilized themselves. And then it comforts him in his choice to produce differently…”

Thanks to this enormous mobilization, Marc Mascetti has already been able to order a new van and a sower. At the same time, he and his wife Arlette are trying to repair his old agricultural machinery that can still be saved. Thanks to the pre-released money from the cat, the couple was also able to purchase a new hand truck to transport the goods.

Photo: Leetchi Kitty

On the site of the pot we read a message from the farmer’s wife with a photo of the new tool: “Purchase thanks to the cat Un diable 565€. I could never thank you enough. Big big kiss and have a nice day”

Do you want to participate in this momentum of solidarity and help Marc and Arlette Mascetti to continue their activity? Here is the link to the jar to boost the Marcoussis farm.

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