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A Frenchman travels 3000 km by car to repatriate his Ukrainian friends

Six countries in four days. Here is this man’s honorable journey. When the Russian military invasion was announced, this good-hearted Frenchman jumped into his vehicle to rescue his Ukrainian friends. Light on this very beautiful proof of friendship.

This Saturday, February 26, André Bouchet, originally from the town of Savigneux, in the Loire, embarked on a long and grueling journey: crossing Europe in an emergency to repatriate relatives, Anna and her son Micha. Anna is the wife of Vadim, a good friend of André. This Ukrainian chose to join the army to defend his country at war on the condition that his wife and son were safe.

“It was the heart that spoke, not the reason. It’s a story about friendship. If we love someone, we are ready to go to the end of the world for him. †

André Bouchet, interviewed by Progress

“I promised him to take care of his loved ones.” To fulfill the promises to his old friend, André did not hesitate to go to Sighetu Marmației, the Romanian-Ukrainian border. There he picked up Anna and Micha, as well as Sacha and her daughter Kira, relatives of the Ukrainian family. After four days of intense travel and crossing no fewer than six countries, André returned to France on Tuesday 1 March with the two mothers and the two children. His wife, Sylvie, waited impatiently for their return.

“The mothers are nervously exhausted. They left their men, their country, and they don’t know for how long. †

André Bouchet

Vadim’s wife and son, Anna and Micha, stay with the Bouchet family as long as they want. Sacha and Kira for their part will rest for a few days with Sylvie and André and then join their relatives in Sweden.

Congratulations to André for this beautiful, noble and supportive gesture.

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