A bakery’s simple and eco-friendly trick to not increase the price of its baguettes

Between increasing the price of its baguettes or securing the purchasing power of its regular customers, this baker didn’t hesitate long. To cope with rising raw material and electricity prices, the retailer has come up with a simple and ecological trick: remove the paper packaging that ends up in the trash after swallowing the baguette.

“We used to have no bag, we took the baguette under our arm”, one customer recalls. For regular bakers it is no obstacle to go without a paper bag. For those who would be mad, it is still possible to request one, but it is now paying. Without this savings on packaging, the baguette would have increased by 5 to 10 cents.

Discover this initiative that is good for the planet and your wallet in this report broadcast in the Journal de 13 heures de TF1

Bakery: more packaging and no price increase

Purchasing power: a baker’s exciting idea of ​​not raising its prices

Posted by TF1 Info on Monday, April 18, 2022

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