3 experiences of connection with nature to fill the sensations in the vineyards this summer 

Essentially, the aperitif is a moment of relaxation (and we remind you that alcohol should be consumed in moderation!). Did you know that you can heighten your sensations by participating in tours that target our five senses? We could call this “sensory wine tourism”…

Wine tasting in the dark

We’ve known for a long time: sight plays an essential role in our appreciation of a dish. The success of restaurants serving meals after dark is a perfect example of this. In wine too, by deciphering the colors of the mantle, we can anticipate the analysis of a harvest year. All cards are redistributed if you can’t see your glass… In the Vaucluse, Chêne Bleu is one of the highest areas in the South of France. We experience the importance of sight when discovering a wine during an orchestrated meal in a medieval atmosphere. Everything is maneuvered to stimulate the senses during this meal served with music in the style of Godefroy de Montmirail… Count on 150 euros per person. The workshop can be booked on 04 90 10 06 30 or by email at [email protected].

Visit a domain “in full consciousness”

This is the most popular form of meditation: mindfulness. An extension of this well-being, which is easier to reproduce than traditional practice, the Domaine les Chancel offers its visitors the opportunity to take advantage of its dream panorama of Mont Ventoux. Along a ‘Sensational Path’ it is a matter of freeing yourself from your negative thoughts to connect with each of the elements of this quality that works organically. At each stage of the journey, you must listen to the owners of the places to feel olfactory, visual or taste sensations in phase with an element of the estate spread over 30 hectares, including 12 hectares of forest and 14 hectares of vines. A large door planted in the center invites the curious to a visual initiation dedicated to the discovery of the vineyard. The visit ends with the tasting of a picnic prepared by a star chef. Count on 60 euros, knowing that you have to book a week in advance.

Qi Gong session in the Alsatian vineyards

Are you familiar with this traditional Chinese art that consists of gymnastics based on techniques of breathing, breathing and slow movements? In Alsace, on the heights of Kientzheim, Philippe Blanck not only maintains the heritage of a 24-hectare estate with five grands crus. To connect with the range of his stone or time wines, the owner offers Qi Gong sessions in the heart of the vines. It’s about finding harmony to get a new reading of the nectar we’re about to taste. Count 25 euros for the two-hour visit.

(ETX Daily Up)

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