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“Who is afraid of old women?”: a photo series presents beauties over 50

Aging is beautiful: that is the message that the young documentary photographer Clélia Odette Rochat conveys. In his series Pretty childrenshe chooses to capture the diversity of the bodies of women over 50. Black and white silver photos, which tenderly remind us that beauty is multifaceted.

Photo series Belles Mômes Clélia Odette Rochat
Photo: Clelia Odette Rochat

An aging body is synonymous with shame: based on this observation, Clélia imagines the series Pretty children† Seeing that her mother felt uncomfortable on the beach, she confided to the Konbini art media that she realized “ the pressure to be beautiful, young, to keep the same body as when you were 20† “An order from the baseless society according to her: I thought to myself, God, we should crown her because she’s given birth seven times, and instead, we should make her feel bad about herself. The young photographer therefore decided to reverse the trend by sublimating the naked bodies of menopausal women in her work.

Pretty children
© Clelia Odette Rochat

Clélia Odette doesn’t take pictures in the studio, she prefers to do that show the woman around her His photographic universe is intimate, delicate. Her work has already been the subject of an exhibition ‘Who is afraid of old women?’ at the Cultural Center Schaerbeek in Brussels. The publication of a beautiful photo book is also planned shortly.

A young artist to follow and an approach that feels right: Don’t be afraid to age Ladies, beauty knows no age!

Pretty children
© Clelia Odette Rochat
© Clelia Odette Rochat
© Clelia Odette Rochat

(Photos reproduced with the kind permission of Clélia Odette Rochat)

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