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How far can you go by train in less than five hours? Answer with this interactive map.

How far can you go by train in less than five hours? This question is answered by the Chronotrains site, which offers an...

Plant-based alternatives: stop relying on these three received ideas

By 2029, the vegetable steak market is expected to grow by more than 11% to $12 billion. Not a day goes by without...

Heat wave and fire hazard: do not leave a bottle of water in the car

Do you always forget your bottle of water in the car? If this oversight in the winter is trivial, it can have serious...

Heat wave: how do you dress a baby at night when it is (very) hot?

Whoever says high heat at night also says insomnia. So you can imagine how your baby might experience it, especially as he is...

At this university, courses are aimed at improving students’ mental health

A university in Wales offered psychology students the opportunity to take courses focused on wellness. Experience has shown that participation in these programs...

How to sterilize your preserves, jars and glass jars? Here are all the steps to follow.

Do you want to make strawberry jam, eggplant caviar or a delicious homemade tomato sauce ? All of these recipes require a clean,...

Do you have the right to dig a well at home?

The rare rains, the heat, the growing awareness of climate change and the repeated fires remind us how precious water is. While several...

Beluga in the Seine: what do we know about the ongoing rescue operation?

On May 30, the orca that had been lost in the Seine for several days, died. To prevent such an event from happening...

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