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Drought: how to dig a well at home?

In this article, we explain all the rules you need to follow to legally dig a well at home and save a lot of water. If all the conditions are met, you can get started. How ? We explain everything below.

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How to dig a well at home?

Has your application for the construction of a water well been approved by the town hall, the underground network operators and the Regional Service for the Environment, Spatial Planning and Housing (Dreal)? So you can dig a well in your garden. To make it easier for you, we have chosen the most accessible source, ie the surface well (5 to 8 meters maximum depth).

Define the location of the well

The construction of a well must be more than 35 meters stables for livestock, cultivated land, sewage pipes, septic tank and its drainage.

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Make sure you are well equipped

Digging a well at home cannot be improvised. To do things right, it is essential to be well rested. First of all, protect yourself with a pair of gloves and safety shoes. As for the hardware, here’s what you’ll need:

  • A lift goat
  • Cement nozzles (these are pieces of pipe 50 cm or 1 meter long with a weight of more than 350 kg)
  • a pump
  • A shovel
  • a pickaxe
  • Dish
  • debris bags

Be careful, digging a well is a physical work and extremely painful, which is not suitable for everyone. Do not begin these works if you do not feel capable.

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Dig the well

Step 1 : Are you well equipped and have you determined the location? All you have to do is get to work! To do this, stand on the exact spot where the pit will be, mark the circle and place the first nozzle on the ground (check that it is perfectly flat with a spirit level). Enter the area with a sturdy ladder and dig with a shovel and pickaxe. Under the influence of its weight, the nozzle should sink as you dig. Be careful, make sure it is perfectly vertical.

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2nd step : hook the second mouthpiece to the jack and move the arm to place it on the first (note that the mouthpieces have a male and a female side so they fit together easily). It must be straight. Continue to dig around the perimeter of the mouthpiece and under your feet and evacuate the earth and debris by helping the goat raise the full bag. Repeat this section after section until the water comes out.

Step 3 : When it’s done, decorate your well to your taste and desires, install a pump to collect the water.

Here’s a fun video to help you better visualize all these steps:

As a reminder, here are the rules to know before digging a well.

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